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The Illustrated Man

The Illustrated Man - Scott Brick, Ray Bradbury I wish I'd enjoyed this collection of short stories more as Ray Bradbury is such an iconic figure in science fiction literature. These stories, linked together by the title character who has a body covered with clairvoyant tattoos, explore issues that seem close to Bradbury's heart, as they are oft repeated. Book burning, censorship and the value of fiction to culture are themes that crop up in several stories. The stories feature lots of rockets visiting planets in our solar system that somehow support life, and rockets are even used to make trips around the earth a trivial matter. It's I guess what people thought would happen, that'd we'd be living on the moon in a few short decades. While I admire Bradbury's moral compass, especially regarding racism and other controversial issues, the stories felt very dated.

I listend to the audiobook version, and the first whole book I've listed to that was narrated by Scott Brick, even though he's narrated over 600 books. His narration was fine. Not amazing, but well done.