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Melt Down - Edward W. Robertson Meltdown is the second book in Robertson's Breakers series. So ensure you read Breakers first, a funny, scary, thoughtful sci-fi take on the apocalypse, and answers the question, what would ordinary people do to survive, how would they change. What really makes us happy, is it T.V, Netflix, good job; or if those were gone would we be happier with time with loved ones?

Meltdown's timeline runs parallel to Breakers, so we get to meet two more characters trying to deal with their normal problems until a mysterious plague starts making people sick and everything changes.

I really enjoyed this sequel. It was't quite as funny as the first simply because the characters were more flawed, damaged and had less to laugh about, but they still did come up with some good lines.

Take what Tristan, thinks of Jack, a character from New Zealand:

"Jack may not be your skin wearing crazy but she worried he spoke a form of English only he could understand."

There needs to be a word, maybe German as they are so good at those words, for the small thrill one receives from hearing their tiny country mentioned in an American book.

Ultimately, Meltdown deals with the themes of family, specifically what would you do for your sibling during the apocalypse. How would a toxic relationship change when you don't have modern life distracting you from what's important.

Tristan, the main character must go on a long journey, both to discover how hard she can become to rescue her younger brother. Ness, the second main character in his own intertwined story, must discover his own mettle, and realize his own abilities to both save him and his older brother.