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The Great Fall: Infection / Salvation

The Great Fall: Infection / Salvation - Cillian D'Arcy The book follows Jamie a french teacher at a high school and Danny, a student of the school, who together, battle to survive some sort of plague that turns people into mindless killers. I found it very vaguely written without much detail, the reader often having to full in the blanks. I don't think this is a spoiler as it happens in the first few pages, but Jamie is bitten, and I don't understand why he doesn't turn, as throughout the book it is noted that if you are bitten and survive being attacked you will catch the plague. The country the book was set in was not even clear, and an important plot point when the nationality of other characters is important to the story and their motivations. I noticed some character names being mixed up. The ending was unsatisfactory. To end this review on a positive note, it was a short and cheap read, and though all of the characters were still a mystery as to who they really were, deeper motivations, back-story, some of the lesser characters were interesting and could possibly appear in another story, with more fleshed out descriptions of setting, place and character motivation and back story.