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Adagio: Living & Gardening Mindfully

Adagio: Living & Gardening Mindfully - Trisha Dixon We've had slow food, now comes slow gardening. Trisha Dixon shares her unique garden in Australia, which requires care but can't demand too much water due to Australia's climate. She manages to convey so much of her garden within the pages of this unique, and beautifully made, book. Overflowing with photos and beautiful illustrations, Trisha expounds the virtues of taking time in the garden. She recommends gardening while listening to music, (see title) appreciating nature, and respecting the natural landscape. By doing this, we will be able to live in the moment, being more mindful and appreciative of nature and our gardens, and we'll bring this mindful way of being into our daily lives. The fonts and handwritten notes complement the images; and form a collage, a book in which no two pages are the same.