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The Atlantis Gene  - A.G. Riddle This book has a lot of 5 star reviews on Amazon. For a debut self-published novel I congratulate the author on his success it must feel great and lead to a lot more sales. I bought the book, only a dollar or two, and for that price and the author's experience it's a decent read. A science thriller, with many elements, probably too many, going on. The plot called for us to believe in 9/11 conspiracy theories, secret societies, espionage, kidnapping, breakthrough genetic therapies for autism, and well before the end of the book credibility was stretched to breaking. I can see why other reviewers disliked it. But also see the potential and acknowledge there's a a good writer in there, trying to tell a convoluted story. The spelling and editing was good, and for many self published ebooks is is not always the case. However there were too many short chapters, over 100, and even though I think the author did tis to ensure a sense of fast-paced tension, it still dragged and there was not enough descriptive detail about where the events where taking place, especially towards the end of the book. The characters were sketches, we didn't really get enough time to get to know them, and they seemed like they were being pulled along by e plot rather then driving it themselves. I do want to see what happens next and learn more about the genetics and evolution of humans that gets discussed, so I will get the sequel.