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Dear Photograph

Dear Photograph - Taylor Jones I had visited the dear photograph website, where people retake old photos in the same location as the original photo while addressing the photo ("Dear Photograph..") reminiscing about the time when the photo was taken. I then saw this book on display at the local library and picked it up. This book gathers together some good examples from the website, and they are often touching or poignant. It's interesting how much stays the same for the people's lives who contribute to the website and the book. Does it say anything about how stable they are that they can retake a photograph decades after they originally took it? That they live in the same city, neighborhood or even house? We don't get much of a sense of the people taking the photo, as they often only write a sentence or two addressing the photo. I'd have liked to have more context for a lot of these pictures.

It's still an interesting book, with some nice photos.