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Live Free or Die

Live Free or Die  - John Ringo, Mark Boyett Reading the description this book looked interesting with elements I like in a sci-fi story, particularly how first contact will change human life. However I'd put off reading it as I'd heard that the author was very right wing and bashed you over the head with it in the book. Now that's an overstatement but if capitalism offends you, this may not be the book for you.

The baddies are commies, and the goodies are capitalist go-getters who hate city dwellers and liberals. That sounds quite partisan, but the author does wrap it all up in a good story, and the writing isn't bad. Unlike the even more right-wing story, One Second After's voices for the characters from Maine.

I liked exploring the idea that with the right determination, and a little smart capitalism, we could seriously get into space in the not too distant future.

spoiler!..... the stupidest part of the book was the partially foiled alien biological attack. The aliens were going to decimate the earth with several strands of virus that would eventually kill everyone without a gene for blonde hair. The attacks that would kill people who weren't blonde were prevented, but one virus package was missed, this would have restored the labour force for the new alien overlords by increasing the fertility of the remaining blonde females. So now humanity has a bunch of blonde women who go on heat once a month and have multiple babies. Why blondes you ask? Besides author's fantasy, the main protagonist, the aliens nemesis, and earth's saviour happened to be be a brunette.