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Confessions of a Sociopath

Confessions of a Sociopath - M. E. Thomas 3.5 stars.
Have you ever wondered what makes a sociopath tick? This book gives, a slightly rambling, glimpse into the mind of a successful, professional, woman who happens to be a sociopath. She describes her upbringing, how she started a blog (www.sociopathworld.com) to bring together others like her and offer support, and to try to understand herself and her condition better. Some of her actions seem disturbing, especially her penchant for risk taking activities and violence. But in reality she has stayed out of the way of the law, and never seriously hurt anyone physically. But it's her internal world that is truly disturbing. The motivations for any actions she takes in her life are never altruistic or empathic, they are self-serving and manipulative. People are pawns, existing only to serve her own desires. She's not a likeable person, once you get to know her. Which seems to be common for sociopaths, they are popular friendly people, until other people realise why they are being friendly, and that they are faking it. It is contradictory in places, saying one thing to defend her and others like her but giving examples that seem to illustrate how unlike regular people sociopaths are. I love learning about the spectrum of human experience and the human mind and this book gives a good window into one person’s experience of looking at the world, whether she is a sociopath or a product of a particular society and upbringing is still debatable but she has an interesting enough perspective to make this a worthwhile read.