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Ashes, Ashes (Audio)

Ashes, Ashes (Audio) - Jo Treggiari, Cassandra Campbell **I listened to the audio version. ** After the world is drowned due to climate change, whole coastlines are decimated, weather patterns change bringing two seasons, monsoon or drought, people are trying to get back on their feet when plague strikes, killing at least 95% of the surviving people. We join our main character, Lucy, 17, who lives alone in the woods, trying to make a turtle into an edible meal. Depending on how you look at it she's had amazingly good luck, to be alive, or bad luck to have her family die, lose her home, and to not have seen another human in at least 6 months. After all this, then she has to run from a tsunami! Tis all happens within the first two chapters. I didn't think it was possible to outrun a tsunami but if anyone could it'd be this character. Her life suddenly changes for the better when she meets Aden, who rescues her from some savage dogs.( who chase her after she outruns the tsunami.) She discovers a community of a under a hundred people has been living less then a day's hike away. As she begins to trust people again she must battle the teenage jealously of Dell, Aden's female bestie, get over being bossed around by the camp matriarch, and deal with her fear of the survivors of the plague, who have been left terribly scarred but are no longer infectious. to top things off their are gangs of uniformed and masked mercenaries called sweepers kidnapping survivors. This leads Lucy into a rescue mission with Aden and Dell. Adventure ensues. In the end I thought it was a decent YA, survivalist story. It does feel a bit like the movie 2012 with disaster heaped upon disaster leading to the collapse, but if you can get over that the story wasn't bad.

Narration was just okay, not fantastic, but got the job done and the characters were well defined. Not very exciting or gripping.