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Growing Up Dead

Growing Up Dead - Greg Wilkey Mortimer Drake, a 14 year old junior high student is starting to have problems at school, with his strength causing accidents, having painful reactions to sunlight in the cafeteria. He's having trouble controlling his emotions. He is even sent home from school after one of these incidents. There's potential there in the story, if it'd been better written, but the parents reaction to their son's suffering - to be angry with him, berate him, declare disappointment in him as he's always been a very good student and well behaved son. What a huge betrayal by the parents who know his dad is a vampire and when Mortimer was born he was still born. There's even legends about a vampire human hybrid, which the book explains. But his parents knew all this but were still angry and confused? besides this, I wasn't the right audience, even though I've read other YA books and was very satisfied with them. Formatting of ebook file would be help, but a really good editor could also improve the story, pacing, reveal some more about the other character's motivations, remove repeating phrases. This book was not for me.