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Hyperdrive - Tim Parise Set about 300 years in the future, Hyperdrive is a rescue story, with lots of discussion of politics, how the old systems (ours) of government don't work, and how "nation states" are a failure and will eventually corrode. The story starts when Jeffrey, a Marquesan (noted for their freedom loving, anti-establishment, anti-government world views) discovers he is a hyperdrive, a human who can understand the nature of the matrix of the universe and manipulate it at will. This means, once he has learned more about his abilities and can control them, he will have almost omnipotent powers. Think Q from star trek. However, he'd only just discovered the ability while walking with his partner Peter. Jeffrey is immediately kidnapped by one of the few remaining governments; what's left of France. He is then sent to Mars for interrogation at the French colony so the French (Toulousains) can understand and ultimately gain his powers for themselves. Following right on his heels is Peter, accompanied by a sabre wielding archaeologist, David, who together, hope to rescue Jeffrey and return home. This book was very long, and I had to look up new words and concepts on almost every page, so I learned a lot of new things reading it. And realised I know very little about politics! The fact it was in Kindle form and I could use the built-in dictionary was a god-send. It's an interesting book about a possible future world, where great political change has already occurred, and even more will come as Jeffrey is now the hyperdrive and on the "right" side according to the author. I don't think you need to agree with the author to get something worthwhile out of this book.