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Among the Living - Timothy W. Long This was my first read of Timothy Long's books and it won't be the last. The book only spans a couple of days, but within that time we get to see how a city could be overrun, and meet the individuals trying to live their lives before and during a city wide crisis which begins as a cordon of a part of the city due to a "gas leak", turning some people violent. We are introduced to several main characters, the two that most resonated with me were Mike and Kate. Mike, a journalist still suffering from the grief of losing his son, then his wife's fall in to alcoholism, who has a deep crush on his co-worker Erin. Kate, a serial killer who leads a double life as a sweet girl next door to her neighbour Bob. How the cordon of Queen Anne, Seattle, the first place to be hit with "deader" attacks effects them is the plot of the book.
The events change these characters lives forever, and reveal who they really are. Whether they are good or evil, they all share the common goal to stay among the living.