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Breed - Chase Novak I read the exerpt in the Guardian newspaper online, and I was both a little grossed out and intrigued. The story of a New York couple, for whom everything is within easy reach, cars, clothes, opera. Everything but an Heir for father Alex's stunning townhouse and fortune, and a wee darling cherub for Leslie to mother. However, a last resort trip to an unethical and creepy fertility doctor in Slovenia sets the couple, and subsequent family down a scary path. Twins Adam and Alice are born, and we meet them at age 10, scared, lonely, in a rundown house with parents whose behavior even the kids know is abnormal. The hero of the story is one of the twin's teachers, a gay man named Michael. Though only a bit player, still one of my favourite of the characters, the other character's bad choices, especially from Dad Alex, seem plot rather then character driven, I don't know if I was satisfied with the ending, but several scenes in the third act had me squirming in discomfort, so overall it did what it said on the packet.