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14 - Peter Clines Loved it. Nate Tucker, a young, smart well-educated guy in a dead-end data entry job, is very identifiable. The reluctant hero/leader is an archetype seen many times, but here it's done very well and pulls the reader into the world Peter Clines has created. I was rooting for Nate the whole book. This world is set in Hollywood, California and we are treated to meeting many interesting, flawed and real characters living in a mysteriously cheap and historic building. The characters all seem lonely, even the one couple, and through their investigation of the building's strange locked rooms, each room more creepier then the last, they become a community, a family of sorts. This is the aspect I enjoyed the most, the mystery was good, but I love the idea of people being thrown together in weird situations and working together to try to come out on top. I won't say if they did in this case, but they certainly come together. I was expecting more from the first character introduced in the book, but she is almost forgotten about. I look forward to a sequel Mr Clines. Do search out his other books, but this is his best book yet.